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Ashley Dawson

Ashley Dawson is the Project Manager for LEAD Snohomish County. Ashley was born and raised in Montana and received her bachelor's degree in Human Development from Montana State University in 2003, she then made her way to Washington and graduated in 2009 from Eastern Washington University with a Master of Social Work degree and certificate in Public Administration. 

Ashley is a licensed clinical social worker with a passion for trauma-informed care. With experience as a grant writer, program creator, leader, mentor, navigator, therapist and educator, Ashley brings an array of skills to her position. Ashley's work focuses on client-centered practice with a strengths-based perspective. She recognizes that collaboration is a major key to success and is regularly building innovative connections with local groups to remove barriers and provide clients with comprehensive and supportive care to meet their individual needs.
Prior to her work as project manager, Ashley was a lead school social worker for 7 1/2 years and helped to create a program that is now replicated across the county. Most recently, Ashley served for three years as a social worker on a co-response team with two police departments. It was there she truly recognized the crucial role of first responders and the importance of building a strong and respectful relationship between law enforcement and social services providers. Ashley was a key player in the Cops & Clergy program where she assisted several communities of faith in creating structure, understanding and hope around their service to people in need. 
Ashley is the president of Alderwood Terrace Rotary Club and serves as chair on the boards of several local nonprofits.