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PDA is offering hiring for time-limited temporary work (with possibility of extension) through December 31, 2020 for Co-LEAD Outreach Responder SHIFT LEAD (Supervisor).


PDA Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD) is hiring for our Outreach Responder SHIFT LEAD position to respond to our clients’ needs during this time of COVID-19 and a move to community-based care over enforcement-based responses. This position is employed by the LEAD Project Manager, the Public Defender Association. Co-responder Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (Co-LEAD) is an emergency response to individuals with current or potential criminal legal system involvement during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Outreach Responder SHIFT LEAD is a member of a response team responsible for providing leadership to our Outreach Responders while also outreaching, engaging and providing intensive case management services to adults.  Shift Leads will be part of supporting Outreach Responder, who will carry max caseloads of 1:20.  When needed, participants with complex needs or at program entrance will be assigned to an Outreach Responder SHIFT LEAD prior to being assigned to an Outreach Responder.  This role will provide companion-based services to ensure people are identified and assessed, supported in navigating the current phase of the shelter in place landscape, including accessing and connecting to all necessary social services (behavioral health treatment, primary care healthcare, basic needs, entitlements, employment opportunities, and any services or appointments that are indicated).

This position is involved in all aspects of referral, outreach and engagement, intensive case management services, as well as coordination with other providers to assure successful transition of clients to on-going care once the COVID emergency resolves or is more fully managed.  Lastly, the Outreach Responder SHIFT LEAD will support their team of Outreach Responders to accomplish the aforementioned objectives with their participants as well.

Services will be provided in Seattle and Burien areas, and may be provided elsewhere in King County.  The selected staff must provide their own transportation and must be fully insured with PDA as a named insured.  PDA will cover mileage to and from home and to intervening destinations at IRS rates. As a shift-based program, many services will be provided on the streets, in motel and housing sites, shelters and other service centers as assigned. Jail visits may be required.  Primary staffing will be during regular work hours, but this program will also maintain 24/7 on call capacity to resolve issues in participants’ housing placements; exact shift assignments are TBD.  PDA will make every effort to take individual employees’ family and logistical constraints into account when assigning on-call shifts.

This position requires a high degree of coordination and collaboration with criminal legal system partners, when indicated, such as LEAD prosecutorial liaisons, probation officers, community corrections officers and courts where participants may have open court cases or outstanding warrants.



Employee safety for this position will include training and guidance on how to work with individuals who are in crisis during the COVID 19 outbreak.  This position requires interacting with other individuals; PDA will provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to all staff performing any field-based work, which includes, but is not limited to: masks and latex/nitrile gloves. All staff are expected to use  full PPE and practice social distancing with other staff, participants, hotel staff and any other individuals employees interact with while performing Co-LEAD program duties. Successful applicants will be trained to and will follow CDC guidance/best practices to limit possible exposure, e.g. maintaining 6-foot distance from all other individuals, including co-workers, and be tested for Covid-19 often.

PDA holds employee safety as a core feature of this position and will adhere to local public health guidance to ensure safety for employees and the communities they serve. It must be recognized that the entire landscape poses a risk of COVID-19 infection, and that performing the duties of this position with complete adherence to social distancing and sanitation recommendations from public health authorities is the best strategy for safety and health on the job under present conditions. Cell phone/tablet and communication devices that support field-based work will also be included for this position. 



●      Responsibility for organizing the duties and flow of each shift you lead

●      Supervision of two to three Outreach Responder staff (as the supervisor of record)

●      Provide on the job coaching, mentoring, guidance and accountability related to shift duties, appropriate participant interactions, navigating resources and case management duties

●      Provide subject matter expertise, coaching and support to staff on clinical boundaries, behavioral health treatment, and high-quality documentation in the Co-LEAD case management system (Kaleidacare).

●      Providing leadership in working with partners systems including hotel staff, legal system staff, other social services providers including treatment and housing providers

●      Attend and engage in weekly leadership meetings and participate in and support the continuous quality improvement activities of ensuring Co-LEAD is a efficacious, participant-centered, harm reduction orientated program 

●      Work closely with the Co-LEAD Project Director, Operations Manager, Program Coordinator and Medical Director/Provider to ensure Co-LEAD services are responsive, appropriate and participant-centered

●      Assist, provide oversight, and supervision of the following Outreach Responder Job Duties:

o   Provide a variety of care coordination activities focused on linkages to care to enhance client stabilization. 

o   Provide and prioritize field response as needed. This may include de-escalation, going to Emergency Departments, and/or making referrals to the existing crisis system, which may be compromised during the time of COVID-19, as necessary.

o   Conduct intake evaluations and assess behavioral/physical health/economic survival needs in order to develop support and client centered care plans with the greatest client participation possible.

o   Providing and/or coordinating the following: access to food, clothing, shelter, physical/behavioral healthcare, housing stabilization, financial assistance, criminal justice coordination, and public benefit benefits. 

o   Advocate for clients' access to community resources and services, ensuring that clients' needs are met and rights maintained; consult and collaborate with community providers to ensure continuity of care.

o   Develop and maintain strong collaborative relationships with PDA, ETS REACH, LEAD prosecutorial liaisons, law enforcement, and other relevant social services and resource organizations to ensure full continuity of care for clients.

o   Provide services consistent with Co-LEAD/PDA program policies and procedures.


Other duties & responsibilities:

• Participate in psychiatric consultation, supervision, program meetings and in-service trainings; participate in clinical reviews and case conferences for clients on caseload.

• Comply with the agency's clinical accountability policies and procedures; maintain timely and complete client records; comply with all applicable laws.

• Comply with applicable program data collection, as needed.

• Other duties as assigned.



●      Two or more years providing supervision of case management and/or outreach in a social services/human services program

●      Interest or experience in working with clients who have difficulty engaging with traditional programs and clients with criminal legal system involvement

●      Ability to implement harm reduction techniques within a client centered framework, e.g. motivational interviewing, trauma informed care and low-barrier assistance

●      Ability to meet state requirements for Agency Affiliated Counselor or higher credential

●      Ability to communicate and work effectively with staff from various backgrounds.

●      Ability to work effectively with clients displaying a wide range of behaviors.

●      Subscribe to the philosophy of cooperation and continuity across programs and of consideration and respect for clients.

●      Current Washington State Driver’s License, current auto insurance, and access to a reliable vehicle.



●      Lived experience with criminal legal systems, including jails, law enforcement and courts

●      CDPT/CDP

●      Three years of experience in work related to social work or outreach programs

●      Academic training in the social service field and in the area of substance use disorder and mental health treatment

●      Experience providing services from a harm reduction perspective to individuals experiencing behavioral health challenges



Projected pay scale; range dependent on experience and qualifications

SHIFT LEAD Starting salary $68,367 + DOE

This is a full-time position and part-time work is not available at this time

Cell phone provided for work use

Please send your resume (please include a brief email cover letter) to and include soonest date you are available.


Racial Disparity Project: Internship & Externship Opportunities


Organization Description

The Public Defender Association (PDA) is a non-profit corporation which advocates for justice system reform and develops alternatives that shift from a punishment paradigm to a system that supports individual and community health. We also provide technical assistance to community partners who are committed to these goals. We advance justice system reform and alternative practices and policy through several core programs and policy initiatives, including: 

Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD):   Under LEAD, police officers exercise discretionary authority at the point of contact to divert individuals to a community-based intervention program for low-level criminal offenses (such as drug possession, sales, and prostitution offenses).
Voices of Community Activists and Leaders - Washington (VOCAL-WA): VOCAL-WA, affiliated with VOCAL-NY, builds power among low- and no- income people directly affected by the war on drugs, homelessness, mass incarceration, and the HIV/AIDS epidemic to create healthy and just communities for all. 
Transforming Policy:  The Public Defender Association’s Racial Disparity Project (RDP) has worked to improve police accountability and reconsider the role of the police since its inception in 1998, and worked to reform Washington's deadly force laws, including with technical support for the implementation of I940/De-Escalate WA, passed by Washington voters in 2018.
System Reform:  In the spirit of our four decade history as a public defense office committed to system reform, the current incarnation of the Public Defender Association continues to do policy advocacy, litigation, public education and organizing on issues that systemically affect people who are or are likely to be engaged by the justice system. This work includes efforts such as drug user health and supervised consumption campaigns, work on pre-trial release, and work to advance justice reinvestment, moving funding from institution-based investments to community-based care, in Seattle/King County and around Washington state. 
Civil Survival Project: Civil Survival Project organizes people who have been directly impacted by the criminal justice system to build connections, gain knowledge and increase political participation.  Civil Survival provides leadership development, legal education and services, and legislative advocacy on systemic issues that prevent former justice-involved individuals the opportunity to fully reintegrate.
Community Justice Project: The Community Justice Project aims to reduce harm caused by violence and mass incarceration by building effective, trauma-informed healing responses that reflect restorative justice principles.  We strive to empower the most impacted and marginalized communities by investing in the leadership of both crime survivors and incarcerated individuals to drive this work.  Unlike the traditional victim advocacy model, we are investing in the leadership of survivors and people directly impacted.
Intern Duties

An intern with the Racial Disparity Project will work under the supervision of the Senior Attorney to research and write legal memoranda, engage in individual representation of clients, work on current policy advocacy projects, and assist in the preparation of filings for ongoing litigation.  The intern will also gain an understanding of the multifaceted work done by the LEAD team, the Civil Survival Project, and the Community Justice Project.

Desired Skills and Qualifications

The intern will develop an in-depth understanding of the criminal justice reform work in which PDA engages and the public health perspective PDA utilizes.  Excellent writing and communications skills are required.  Applicants should have strong interests in policy advocacy, litigation, public education and organizing on issues that systemically affect people who are or area likely to be engaged by the justice system.  A commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion; a personal approach that values the individual and respects differences is also expected.  Candidates must have completed at least one year of law school.

Equal Opportunity Statement

The Public Defender Association is an equal opportunity employer.  We value a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture and are committed to race equity in all aspects of our work.  PDA encourages applications from all qualified individuals without regard to race, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or expression, age, national origin, marital status, citizenship, disability, veteran status, socio-economic circumstance, or record of arrest or conviction.  Women, people of color, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, and people with disabilities are especially encouraged to apply.

How to Apply

To apply, please email a cover letter and résumé to Prachi Dave ( In the subject line, please put “[Your Last Name] Racial Disparity Project Internship”. No phone calls please.
This position will be filled on a rolling basis.


PDA General Intern, Extern & Volunteer Opportunities

PDA has various volunteer or intern opportunities available on an ongoing basis.

  • For current or recent law students interested in a fellowship, legal externship or internship, please contact Prachi Dave, PDA Senior Attorney, at
  • If you are interested in general, LEAD, VOCAL-WA or other open-ended opportunities, please complete the survey found here. Once complete, we will retain your information on file and contact you when an internship and/or volunteer opportunity is available.